What Makes MDPhD Different

There are a lot of medical reference apps out there. Many of these existing solutions give your users access to full PDF articles you already subscribe too.  These companies all have different ways to provide ‘1-click PDF access’. PubMed and Google Scholar will also also integrate with your institution’s subscription list to give easy access to full PDFs. There are many such solutions.

MDPhD does not provide the ‘1-click PDF access’ solution.  We did not want to make another solution for ‘1-click PDF access’ because it did not solve the three main problems with consuming clinical literature.  No time to read, information overload and the cost of reading.

We will mention a few key areas that differentiate our app from the ‘1-click PDF’ solutions out there.  


1. Less time reading

MDPhD summarizes abstracts into an Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) flashcards using artificial intelligence to make the automated summaries. Our users on MDPhD can blast through several flashcards on a topic within minutes and consume the statistical and clinical significance of their queries without reading a full PDF.  MDPhD allows for easy export of citations so that users can request full articles from their existing institutional databases or from their medical librarians when needed. Our belief is that the ‘1-click PDF access’ solution to institutional subscriptions will become less important as we head into an age of open access and open science.  


2. Data Visualizations and Synthesis

We leverage data visualizations everywhere in the app.  You can try the same search query on MDPhD, QxMD, ReadCube, PubMed, Google Scholar, and Microsoft Academic side by side and see which query results you like best.  We are sure your faculty, staff and students will find it very easy to consume our EBM  flashcards  over the standard abstract formats displayed by the competitors (compare screenshots).  Our data visualizations help users spot trends that can be put to practice with confidence.  MDPhD leverages data visualizations, analytics and big data technologies to solve big data problems.   



3.  Collaboration

Our Enterprise version , MDPhD Teams is customized for your institution.  That means that your  institutional users can create and share folders and collaborate with others users in their institution. Topics and projects and clinical areas that are specific to your hospital or academic centre are private to your institution.  In addition, medical librarians and faculty can create folders on relevant topics and share those folders with their staff and students who belong to their institution.   Unlike the other competitor solutions we believe MDPhD helps promote the value of medical librarians who can actively collaborate with their health staff and students.    


4.  Administration and Support

We take care of all IT integration and Administration within the app for a customized version of MDPhD Teams for your institution. This may not be the case for the competitors which will need to integrate with your IT departments in the hospital or university to access your subscriptions.  We are confident that our costs are more competitive and straight forward as well. Our plans are based on active users, priced monthly and can be upgraded, downgraded and cancelled anytime.


Stay Curious,

Dr. Singwi