Sharing and Collaboration With MDPhD

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are essential in modern science. Collaboration means fresh ideas, new research, innovative therapies and improved patient care. As we value this dissemination of knowledge, MDPhD was designed with some powerful sharing and collaborative features to leverage the wisdom of the crowd.

Sharing Evidence With Fellow Physicians

The ‘Search-Filter-Add to Folder’ workflow allows the user to organize their evidence under relevant clinical topics in their ‘Library’.  In addition, once a card is added to a folder, the cards become tagged with a share button. Just tap the share button to share the research by email or on social media platforms.




Following Curated Folders from Leading Industry Expects

The ‘Explore’ button is where a user can search for folders organized and synthesized by other users in the network. Instead of organizing and synthesizing your own folders the user can tap the Explore feature to search. The user can search by folder name (keywords), folder tags (#) or by usernames (@) to find relevant folders on topics made by colleagues or other specialists.




By tapping on the follow button the folder is added to your Following list in your Library.



Users can create and share folders for all types of clinical problem solving networks like research departments, journal clubs, hospital departments, courses, conferences, meetings etc.


Be Curious,

Dr. Sanjeev Singwi